School REDesign

In order to successfully redesign learning environments, teachers and school leaders must recognize and respond to the interconnected nature of pedagogy, leadership and technology. The REDesign Framework was created to help teachers and school leaders to think more deeply about how to design integrated approaches to school transformation. It’s  a simple framework anchored in three areas which are typically planned for and implemented in isolation. In most schools, there are three different plans and three different people in charge of each area; the curriculum coordinator  in charge of pedagogy, the principal in charge of leadership and the director for technology in charge of the technological infrastructure. Teachers and school leaders can more effectively promote deeper learning by avoiding  the temptation to tinker with these areas in isolation. The RED Framework supports a more holistic approach that leverages the interconnectedness between Pedagogy, Leadership and Technology:

Relevance & Engagement lead to Deeper Learning as they relate to Pedagogy

Relationships & Empowerment lead to Deeper Learning as they relate to Collaboration and Leadership

Right Tools &  Equitable Access lead to Deeper Learning as they relate to Integration of Technology



The RED Framework Prezi explains how this works in practice.

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