LiveBinders Make Me Happy

How have I missed this resource?  I had the chance to check out someone elseʻs LiveBinder on Friday and I LOVED it. Basically LiveBinder allows you to create digital shelves and to create digital binders filled with links to place on the shelves.  You can then share and/or present the binders.  Somehow this set up really appeals to me. I like the tab structure for the binders and I like that I can just paste in links and name the corresponding tabs. Check out my Project Based Learning Binder. This will make it really easy for me when Iʻm teaching and coaching teachers who want to integrate PBL.  I also created a Deeper Learning Binder and a CCSS Math Binder.

Why do I love this so much?  First of all, itʻs easy! I made all 3 Binders in less than 30 minutes!  I do have Pinterest but somehow the tabs on Live Binder seem less overwhelming than the images on Pinterest. Plus LiveBinder is less social media “ish” which I like. I love that I can easily organize the tabs/links and that I can continually add to the Binder. Additionally, itʻs easy peasy to share either a tab or a whole binder to Twitter, FB, Pinterest and the like.   Finally, I know that the teachers I work with will like the “one stop shop” aspect of the LiveBinder. I often embed links into my presentation slide shows but then itʻs up to the participants to save them all in a way that works for them. This way, they donʻt have to do this – they can just pin or bookmark my binder!!!

Anywho – you get the jist. This product fully meets the needs of my slightly OCD personality and work style. Check it out!

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