Shift Z – Itʻs a Thing..

So rather than trying to post really long and thoughtful posts, I am going to switch it up and try posting little tidbits and insights that inspire me on a weekly basis.

My latest favorite tip is Shift Z which allows you to put the same google file into two folders at once!  You can work on the file from either location and it updates automatically because basically itʻs the same file just stored in two places.

Hereʻs why this matters to me.  Basically I work with 6 schools so I have a folder hierarchy with a folder for each school with a zillion sub folders inside of each – some are shared with the schools and some are not. However, I also have some materials which apply to all 6 schools and beyond.  One good example is Accreditation Documents. Letʻs say I have a standard slide show that I use with all 6 schools. I can keep the “master” in my own Accreditation folder and then Shift Z it with view only permissions into each schools accreditation folder that I have shared with them.  Then if I need to update the slide show with new or updated information, I just do it once and everyoneʻs is updated.  Hooray! Time saver!

So how do you do this magical trick?  Just find the file you want to have in two places. Select the file.  Hit Shift and Z at the same time. A little menu will pop up with a Drive Folder – click the folder and keep clicking until you find the one you want. Then click Add Here….  Voila!  Itʻs in both folders. Try it. Itʻs a thing.

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