Hey There, Itʻs Been a While

Truth is, Iʻm not a great blogger. In my work, Iʻm often inspired to write a blog post while out in the field working with schools. I compose the entire thing in my head but when I walk through my front door, the post vanishes from my brain while I attend to the laundry that needs folding, dishes that need washing, dinners that need to be made, forms that need signatures, dogs that need food and so on. So I settle for retweeting, pinning interesting resources and reading Mindshiftʻs FB links. 

I realize this is slightly irresponsible. I mean, why have a blog if you donʻt blog? There is also the whole ethical dilemma around taking without giving.  I guess I struggle with balancing the need to take care of my immediate priorities and the need to share ideas with the rest of the blogosphere.  I also struggle with the idea that just because I can blog that I should blog. The internet is already completely over-cluttered with meaningless and banal content. Do I really want to add to that problem? I mean what if what I have to say has no merit to anyone but me? What if it has no merit period? It seems a blog post should be thoughtful, true, meaningful, thought-provoking and useful to others. But wait. What is most useful to others?  Is it a blog post where I spout? Or is it sharing interesting resources that others can actually use?  Maybe I think itʻs the latter. Maybe tweeting/retweeting and pinning/re-pinning are actually a better contribution than blogging.   Thoughts? 



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