Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do: Lessons from Coach Chuck

Came across this picture today in a facebook post by the Joyful Mother. It was particularly relevant as my husband and I have not been seeing eye to eye about the kids and chores lately. He feels he can bark out a chore anytime and the kids should just jump and do it. I feel we should have a schedule of chores for the week up on the refrigerator and everyone should sign up for an equal amount of chores for the week. We both feel chores are important – it’s just our approach is different. My husband is convinced that the girls are growing without a work ethic since they don’t jump at his command. At the same time, last night was our oldest daughter’s last basketball game of the season. The assistant coach told me after the game that our daughter had done a great job this season and that she always worked hard. She never missed a practice. So clearly we aren’t doing that terrible of a job.  Or could it have been the coaching?

The head coach’s approach is amazing. He has high expectations but he is kind and responsive to the players. He is completely encouraging and during timeouts he spends as much time listening to the girls tell him what is happening on the court from their perspective as he does adjusting the offense and defense. Everyone plays. Everyone. He substitutes girls when they make an error but instead of yelling at them, he coaches them one on one and takes the time to explain and teach them what they should have done differently. Then he puts them back in to try again. The girls ended their JV  season with only 2 losses – both heartbreaking one point loses near the buzzer. I am pretty sure every girl on that team understands that dreams don’t work unless they do.  Lots of lessons for parents and teachers to be learned from Coach Chuck.  Grateful for his willingness to contribute to the raising of girls in our community. Now about that chore chart……

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