Finding Common Ground for the Common Good of our Students

Yesterday on Kaua’i, I was fortunate enough to be part of an inaugural gathering of school leaders from independent, religious, home school, public & charter schools across the island who came together to share ideas, better leverage resources & expertise, and break down barriers between schools. The gathering was initiated by Kaua’i Complex Area Superintendent, Bill Arakaki who envisions a flourishing, vibrant system where every child has the opportunity to participate in an ideal education setting aligned with their skills, personal values and family needs.  This meeting was the first of what we hope will be many more to come. Participants engaged in team-building and brainstorming around what’s working and common needs across schools.  The group also viewed Sir Ken Robinson’s Changing Education Paradigms RSA and spent time discussing what resonated and resulting implications for schools on Kaua’i.  There was broad consensus that this network of school leaders could really make a difference for children and families, that we should include more school leaders and that we should meet again soon to further clarify purpose and direction.  Special thanks to Mason Chock, from Kupu a’e for helping me facilitate the meeting, to Barbara Curl from the Kaua’i Aloha Foundation for her inspiration & presence and to Chris Jaeb from Common Ground for sharing a beautiful meeting room in a gorgeous setting for our gathering. The vision behind Common Ground was to find a space where people from different sectors could come together to find common ground for the common good. That was definitely accomplished!

Kaua'i's Educational Leaders Joining Forces

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