Tuning In: An Inspiring Way to Reach Students

I am fortunate enough to be a part of several education initiatives here on Kaua’i. I am probably most excited about the project developing at Common Ground this year.  The face to face program blends a traditional online program with a more organic and environmentally based afternoon program. The focus of the morning program is to support students’ in the four core subject areas while establishing important study skills including time management, organization, effective communication, and independence. Students benefit from one on one interaction with the subject matter they are studying whether it be with the direct instruction of a teacher, through manipulatives, from books, or on-line. Homework may be assigned but can be completed without logging on to the K-12 on-line curriculum. The afternoon program is based on a common thread of the inter-relationship to all things.  The students are being taught subject matters of The Earth, Community & Culture, Art & Physical Movement, The Self, Family, Purpose, Passion, and Direction.  The focus is to individually attend to the child and work with them on awareness, self-understanding, acceptance, meaning and enjoyment of all things and peoples.  There is a deep level of freedom in the flow of study, as well as a committed process to higher forms of education.   This video highlights the afternoon program.  Enjoy!



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