Ten Things I Know to Be True about Teachers

I write this from the perspective gained through my 22 years of experiences as a classroom teacher, master teacher, program coordinator, principal and affiliate faculty in education in public, independent and international schools. I personally believe that in order to transform our schools, we MUST elevate the status of teachers. Here’s what I know to be true about teachers:
1. They care about kids and they want to make a difference BUT,
2. They can’t parent /mentor every student. They have too many students with too many different needs and honestly most of them they have their own families/kids to take care of too. STILL,
3. They want to do a better job of inspiring & reaching every student. YET,
4. They are confused by the sheer number of mandates and initiatives thrown at them each year by district, state and federal bureaucrats who somehow think they know how to fix our schools. This is frustrating to teachers SINCE,
5. They know more about how to improve schools than most anyone else (especially politicians). THEREFORE,
6. They should have more input in school and district level decisions. HOWEVER,
7, They are being thrown under the bus by union leaders & government officials. THUS,
8. They are underpaid & undervalued.  This is a giant mistake BECAUSE,
9. They are professional, lifelong learners AND
10. They hold the keys to ensuring we have an educated populace that is ready to take on the global challenges of a.) stabilizing a deteriorating global economy & developing new forms that will better serve humanity;  b.) protecting a fragile planet on the brink of complete degradation; and c.) elevating the human consciousness level so that connection & community trump competition and individualism.
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