Art of Racing in the Rain

Several straight days of rain on our glorious Garden Isle. More time to ponder. More time to get a head start on my spring cleaning. Rummaging through my stack of notebooks,  I stumbled across notes I took after reading Racing in the Rain last summer while housesitting for a friend in Hanalei. Rain. Rain. Some sort of serendipitous connection must exist here. Life lessons that the universe has decided I must relearn. Recently, I have developed heightened awareness of turning points hovering on the periphery. Fuzzy but persistent. Transformation is on the horizon. Some lessons worth considering:

1. The car goes where the eyes go. Keep your eyes on the prize. – Do you have a clear vision of what the prize is?

2. You need a great pit crew for when things don’t go well. They should be really familiar with you and be able to help get you fixed up quickly for the next round. – Who’s on your dream team? How are your relationships?

3.  When you hit the unexpected, it’s best to accelerate into it a bit instead of resisting it. Although it might seem scarier, ultimately it’s safer. – Isn’t it true that whatever we resist persists? How flexible are you?

4. Everyone has demons – some have just learned to recognize and tame them better than others. – What are your demons? Try facing and demystifying them with authenticity instead of letting them burrow into your soul.

Vision, Relationships, Flexibility, Authenticity. Key ingredients for transformation on any level. What matters? Who matters? Key questions for those of us working to transform schools.


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