Digital Storytelling on Kaua’i…

Over the past year, Kaua’i Pacific School has worked to integrate Digital Storytelling into their elementary school program. Digital Storytelling makes sense on an island where the oral tradition of storytelling is losing ground to more modern forms. We wanted to help our students understand that storytelling is the oldest and perhaps most powerful form of both passing on knowledge and for helping us to make sense of the world around us. As we journeyed through the year, we learned many new things. Most significant for me is the reality that children come to school very well versed in the story format but we then hit them with lists and worksheets and disconnected curriculum that doesn’t fit with what they already know to be true about the world. The truth is that we are all connected, we all have stories and we can learn much about ourselves and others by listening to, creating and sharing stories. Stories are a wonderful information container and can help us to increase cognition and receptiveness in even the most reluctant of learners. Who doesn’t love a wonderful story?   The video here was created by Kelsey Matsu, on behalf of the Schools of the Future Project here in Hawaii. This is an ambitious five year program to transform practice in twenty schools across the islands into model schools of the future using the principles inherent in effective networked learning communities. Thank you to Kelsey, the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, the Hawaii Community Foundation, Jason OhlerSilvia Tolisano and others in our networked learning community for helping our vision come alive.

Please click here to see our Digital Storytelling Video!

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