Day 3 & 4 ISTE Reflections & New Questions

So my grand plan to blog each day at ISTE fell by the wayside. There is SO Much to learn, know and do here! You don’t want to miss a minute or opportunity so taking time to blog has taken a back seat to the chance to interact with some amazingly, inspirational people.  However, I did want to get some of thoughts that are swirling around in my head down. Trying to promote inquiry, I am now putting everything into question format…

1. Do I really understand the power of the global network? Am I ensuring that our teachers, parents and students do?
2. Am I promoting practices that encourage mindfulness?
3. Are I making sure that teachers are aware of the importance of teaching network awareness/detection skills?
4. Can I find a way to send someone to the DIGITALES Camp or bring Bernajean to us? 
5. Do I know enough about ePortfolios to help facilitate their implementation?
6. Am I using my PLN to it’s fullest advantage? Should I be using hashtags more?
7. How can I best help board members, parents, donors and teachers understand the need to get kids ready for the extreme future?

8. How can we bring students more into the conversation about norms regarding the use of digital tools in the classroom?

9. Should we start a Hawaii ISTE affiliate? I think I might make it my personal mission…

Lots to think about – good thing I have until August to distill all of this new thinking!

2 responses to “Day 3 & 4 ISTE Reflections & New Questions

  1. Hi Lisa,I think a lot of your readers are teachers or perhaps in some area of education and so I’m writing to suggest as a resource link on your blog. This website provides career and licensure information for those who are interested in moving into the school counseling profession. Hope this is helpful,Seth Sanford

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