Twenty First Century Principal

So I made it official last week. I’ve decided to step down as principal of our school at the end of the school year. Although I LOVE what I do, I just have too much on my plate to remain an upbeat, positive presence on campus. I have decided to take a break and to devote time to my children, wrap up my dissertation on networked learning communities and to get back to leading workshops and consulting. I also really enjoy my online teaching gig for Regis University so hopefully I’ll have time to pick up some more of those classes.

As part of the transition for the school, the faculty brainstormed qualities/characteristics they would like to see in a new principal. Our school has a very clear mission and core values which we place at the center of what we do.  We have also been designated a model School of the Future by the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools and the Hawaii Community Foundation. Our grant is anchored in Digital Storytelling.  So I was curious as to what qualities a 21st century principal should have in the eyes of the teachers. Here’s what they came up with!

  • Classroom teaching experience
  • Seasoned principal
  • Good people skills/approachable/good liaison with all parts of our community (parents, kids, teachers, board, community)
  • Perceptive, diplomatic, flexible
  • Grounded
  • Share our school philosophy and willing to continue on with our curriculum development and goals including inquiry and project based learning. no personal, pre-planned agenda.
  • Experience in alternative educational environments
  • Knowledgeable with eco-friendly schools, 21st century learning environments and schools that give the arts importance.
  • Technologically literate
  • Able to provide a digital portfolio
  • Familiar with blogging and Twitter
  • Familiar with the accreditation process
  • Experience with early childhood (needs to qualify as a director, coursework needed – maybe 24 units)
  • Financial background
  • Familiar with Hawaii – community (island style)Ability to attract donors from different ‘layers’ of our island community
  • Willingness to do community organizing and fundraising/be the face of the school at Rotary, etc.
  • Good relationship with HAIS and/or state association and NAIS
What do you think? Is the list complete enough?  Should we add, delete or revise?  Would love to hear from my PLN to strengthen our list and our ability to attract someone who can lead the school down it’s amazing path on the next leg of it’s journey 

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