KPS Peace Day 2009

Kaua’i Pacific School celebrated Peace Day yesterday in a big way! Joined by Gary Heu from the Mayor’s office, teachers and parents,our students paraded through Kilauea town in celebration of Peace. It was an adorable spectacle rooted in acceptance, compassion and community. Along the parade route students wished on-lookers a Happy Peace Day while passing out artwork and their reflections on why Peace is important.

The youngest students were pulled in wagons by the oldest; each waving bamboo sticks with Peace messages written on fabric blowing in the breeze. One on-looker thanked the kids for reminding him that it was Peace Day while others honked their horns in support of the kid’s efforts. Several people along the route joined in on the march.Like a drop of water that ripples across still waters, Kaua’i Pacific students saw and felt the effects of their positive message within their community. Those who caught a glimpse of the parade could not help but to pause for a moment with the thought of Peace. The Parade route ended at the Kilauea Neighborhood Center where everyone gathered on the field to create a giant peace symbol with their bodies.

Perhaps most magical to me as a principal were the messages of peace from our students. When we talk about peace, we must help our students see the connection between individual and world peace. We can teach them to visualize a peaceful home, playground, classroom, community, nation and world but we must also teach them HOW to get there. Being conscious of the importance of peace is a good first step but there must also be layers and layers of peace building and conflict resolution woven into the everyday life of school through both the affective and academic curriculum. I could see and hear the evidence of our greater commitment to peace education in the words of our children:

A Poem By Sam Goldberg, 6th grade
blood, torture
fighting, bombing, shooting
loud, scared, quiet, calm
loving, caring, sharing
happiness, goodness

The Peace Poem

Peace is love
Peace is caring
Peace is joy
Peace is sharing
Peace and quiet
Makes me happy
So I don’t
Get all snappy
Peace is our future
Peace is our past
Peace is the thing
That will make us all last

by Kaihalana locey grade 6

Our students documented the peace day events with video and still cameras and are working on making a short Peace Movie. Additionally, I will be making a peace day scrapbook using MixBook and will post it here on the blog!

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