Digital Storytelling

Had a fun idea as I was writing this  School of the Future grant here in Hawaii.  Why not anchor the grant in digital storytelling and expose teachers to tools that would support digital storytelling such as Flickr, Voicethread, Mixbook, and Audacity. Younger students could do something as simple as ePals.  Decided to check out my favorite site Langwitches and found a page that had a list of many of these amazing tools already laid out plus a beautiful graphic that shows how to get from the story to the media to the program that you need.  I’m stoked. It’s all free, it’s easy. Maybe I could get the teachers to each just try one of these tools with their students.  They could pick one unit of discovery and add a digital storytelling component.  We already have a teacher trained in Jack Zipes Neighborhood Bridges program who teachers every grade Creative Dance/Storytelling once a week. We also have an amazing art teacher who totally understands how to design for new media. With their expertise, we can help our students become more media literate!!! This may seem like old hat to some of you but out here on the North Shore of Kaua’i, we live in a digital wasteland. Most folks have moved here to unplug. Makes it tough sometime to convince both teachers and parents about the need to ensure that our children are literate in new media. 

I could measure teacher progress by administering the Loti Framework survey to see if teachers are using more innovative practices.  Hmmm… this could be the piece of the dissertation I’m missing. 

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