Procrastination Queen

Okay, so I have dropped this puppy for a while. You know the holidays and all.  I also finally finished my CODIE award judging which was a huge weight off my shoulders. I did spend time in early January narrowing down a topic with Paul Sparks who graciously agreed to be my advisor. I hope he doesn’t regret that decision. 2009 is still my dissertation year.  

Kula el is undergoing strategic planning at the moment. We are hoping to become a 21st century Green School. We are going to be writing a grant as part of a bigger project that is going on in Hawaii called Schools of the Future. Basically the Hawaii Community Foundation and the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools have teamed up to offer 5 year grants to help schools become schools of the future. Several schools will receive grants in March and then again in the summer.  The purpose of this research will thus be  explore if a correlation exists between the level of innovative 21st century teaching practices and teacher participation in an online community of practice among independent school teachers participating in the Schools of the Future Grant Project in Hawaii.  I will look at 21st century teaching practices, professional development and communities of practice. At this point I plan on using the LOTI measure as a way to measure the level of innovative 21st century teaching practices.  I hope to get about 30 teachers who are willing to take the survey over the summer and then once again in December. I will also measure the level of participation on the School of the Future Ning and track professional development that they might be experiencing over the next 9 months including school sponsored and that which might be available in the ning. 

At this point, Paul seems to like the idea and I have run it by the Schools of the Future Leadership team to see if they like it and I think they do. I need to follow up with both. Also need to find out about permission for LOTI and get the first three chapters done. If I can get those done by April it would be GREAT!!!

Okay gotta run and make dinner.

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