My Topic – Teachers & Web 2.0!

Okay, spent the day reading, organizing and trying to get my thoughts together on this dissertation. I believe that most teachers are not even aware of 2.0 tools, much less how to use them in their classroom. Maybe I’m wrong.  I hope this research can help me answer this question.

If you search on the internet, you would think all teachers are aware of and using Web 2.0 tools already.  There is sooo much out there.  Wikis, Blogs, Nings all devoted to Web 2.0. Makes sense that those who are the most excited about it would use it to share their ideas with others. However,  it’s like a giant forest of trees with many paths to take to the one tree I want to get to.  I get that education is stagnant. I get that the world is flat and that to outsmart the global achievement gap that we need to be focusing on 21st century skills. I get that tools embedded within what we call Web 2.0 can really help us to create flat classrooms where students are the drivers, creators, collaborators and producers of meaningful content. I get that learning is social and that we construct knowledge with and from others. I understand the school of the future needs to be different. I know that to get from where we are to where we need to be will require a seismic shift in thinking on the part of the teachers. The students get it and are doing it. Whether they are conscious of it or not is a different story and maybe not even relevant. What is relevant is that teaching has always pretty much occurred in silos and teachers are not always comfortable sharing their practices, their tricks or even their thoughts.  The exception are the “early adopters”.  Those who love trying new things and those who take risks in their classroom practices. I believe, however, that these teachers are the exception and that to ask teachers to shift in this direction is HUGE.  First step is we need to find out what teachers know about web 2.0, if and how they are using it and what they think about how it is impacting learning. This is what I want to study.

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